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About PGS

PACE the Global School Emphasis on individual, group activities; indoor, outdoor activities. Experienced and caring teaching faculty. Separate book area for picture reading. Latest play equipment. Interactive CDs, Home theatres with LCD projectors. Splash Pool..

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Proper certificates with the names of the candidate and his parents must be submitted along with copies, and no affidavits will be accepted. A student who has attended a recognized school must present a transfer certificate before he can be admitted to PACE the Global School.

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The teacher - student relationship, one of the first ties the child forms outside the family is quite special in it own sense and way. Mutual respect, understanding and foundation are the foundation of this bond. To keep the teachers abreast with the latest techniques and methodologies being developed internationally in the field of education.

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PACE Facilities

PACE the Global School has a well stocked library that has a collection of a wide range of reference books, periodicals and magazines on various subjects.

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At PGS the emphasis is more on the overall development of the child, as we understand that schooling is the time in the life of every child, which influences their future.

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Vision & Philosophy

The essential focus is on development of the child in all aspects: intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual so that she/he conducts herself/ himself ethically and lawfully, leading a fulfilling life.

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Aims & Objectives

We are all well prepared to reach the goal of our studies, which is to gain Knowledge (total vision of life) with which we can serve the world efficiently.

School Visit

You are most welcome to visit the school and have an informal discussion with or without your child. This can be done by fixing a prior appointment with the Concerned Person.

Why choose PGS

At PGS, students ideas and energy is channelised and provided a proper direction with systematic and scientifically planned training programmes.

Quick Contacts

  • Address : PACE the Global School
    Dr. BVL Narayana Campus,
    Railway Station Road,

  • Ph no : 08592 - 222250 / 51
  • Mobile : 9581456302
  • E-mail: